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During the stages of evolvement in this industry we have noticed that tattooing is now getting better in terms of design and technicalities of machine production, whether in Dubai, Jordan, Saudi, Bahrain or other parts of the world, Tattoo machines are now used by doctors for other purposes, not just tattooing.

A professional tattoo artist must be very careful not to do the biggest sin of them all in tattooing which is INK MIGRATION. Ink migration happens when the tattooist is going deeper than he or she should, forcing the ink under the skin to spread. Other cases happen would be because the skin condition of the client (then it's not the artist's fault) some skin tissues are from in a way that lets the tattoo to bleed.

League of permanent cosmetic providers has written previously on that subject check the link below:

Imagine getting stuck with this ink bleed for the rest of your life. At Huzz ink we never do any cosmetic based procedures, only for people who really need it. check our medical section:

We relate this mistake to the artist's awareness of what might happen, generally it happens to people with extra fat and definitely on soft tissue. There is no certainty in this matter it happened with me personally and I couldn't do anything about it but do some nice shading around it and use that blur with the design.


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